Add Our Google Gadgets

We have created two Google Gadgets, one to stay updated with this site and one to stay up dated with films and movies in general.

The first has five feeds from us - our homepage, updates section, blog, news posts to our blog, reviews from our blog and our video log. It also has a google search for this website. The second is a Film News and Information Google Gadget, which incorporates our custom film and movie search engine. It also has a feed from our blog, and a feed from our Film News section, which is an aggregated feed from a number of sources including Empire Magazine, Total Film Magazine, British Film Magazine, MovieWeb and Hollywood Reporter, that cannot be changed. It also has three more feeds, that you can change: UK Film Release Dates from the film Distributors' Association, US Movie Release Dates from and Entertainmant News from Reuters.

You can embed it in your website or add it to iGoogle. As well as the gadgets above, which you can embed in your website, or add to your Google homepage, we've also created an iGoogle Tab, which contains six boxes - latest posts to our homepage, latest articles in the updates section, latest blog posts, latest film news from our blog, latest film reviews from our blog and our latests Twitter updates. Add to Google You can add the entire tab, by clicking here, or any of the individual boxes, by clicking on the links above.

If you would like to subscribe to our feeds directly, you can use the URLs below.
Homepage -
Updates -
Blog -
News -
Reviews -
Twitter -

See an example at: Mega Movie Trailer
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